Physiotherapy Treatments

If you’ve ever suffered an injury that has limited your mobility, you know all too well the pain of not being able to move to your full capacity. At SK Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we offer a holistic approach to helping you repair or boost the multiple systems that make up your body.

Unlike clinics that leave you feeling worn out or tired after appointments, our goal is to provide an environment in which you can heal comfortably. At SK Physiotherapy, we offer a healing facility where rehabilitation is done safely and at a pace your body can handle.

Most people aren’t aware of what exactly physiotherapy is and how it can directly benefit them. In the simplest definition, physiotherapy promotes optimal mobility, overall and helps prevent injury.

The trained practitioners of SK Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are dedicated to helping clients improve their quality of life through an array of physical and physiological therapeutic tools. These tools are often intangible and involve the physical participation of our clients.

Myofascial release is a soft tissue treatment for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. Myofascial release aims to relax contracted tight muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles. Fascia is a thin tough connective tissue that wraps around most structures within the body including the muscles. Myofascial release can be successfully used to help relax contracted muscles by stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles.

Through physiotherapy we can:

  • Treat musculoskeletal conditions
  • Rehabilitate an individual after an accident, illness or age related disease
  • Help return mobility when it has been lost
  • Myofascial release treatment
  • Chronic Pain Treatment
Physiotherapy Treatments

There is no age limit to physiotherapy. You’re never too young to better yourself with physical activity, and are never too old to make improvements to your mobility. We provide our clients with the education and maintenance techniques to prevent muscle decline and avoid injuring the same area again.

At SKP our Physiotherapists focus on manual therapy, ‘a hands on approach’ to treating musculoskeletal conditions. Physiotherapists use spinal/joint mobilizations to gently glide or traction a joint, to restore movement, reduces pain and muscle spasm.

Soft tissue techniques include:

  • Massage/Active Release Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Friction Massage/Muscle Energy Techniques

Active spinal/joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques are aimed at:

  • Decreasing pain
  • Breakdown scar tissue
  • Restoring muscle elasticity/length
  • Improving range of motion

Meet Our PhysioTherapists In Cambridge

Nandhini Arjunan

Registered Physiotherapist

Nandhini has over 15+ years with a wide range of clinical experience in the field of Physiotherapy treating all kinds of cases in the fields of Orthopedics, Geriatrics, Cardiology, Neurology, sports, pain and other rehabilitation conditions. She graduated in 2000 from the MGR Medical University, of India with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy.

Nandhini’s passion for the profession stems from a deep interest in the power of movement and the ability for the human body to heal when properly directed. With a focus on prevention and early intervention, she works with you to solve the mechanical “puzzle” of your pain and/or injury and get your body moving the way it should. She has worked in many capacities as a physiotherapist, which includes: team physiotherapy for various sports and events; private clinics, hospitals and Institutions; pre and post spinal surgery and multidisciplinary specialty clinics.

Nandhini’s special interests include rehabilitation after hip or knee replacements; management of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, ergonomics as well as injury recovery. Her clinical decisions are based on physical assessment and evidence based intervention. Nandhini strongly believes in empowering her patients through education and using preventive techniques. To this end, she enjoys working with her clients in a gym setting: teaching them how to exercise safely and how to establish good postural or movement habits. She has developed the ability to manage complex disorders, and question current methods of treatment. In addition she likes to explore different methods of injury, body mechanics and rehabilitation styles.

She brings the highest standards of clinical practice and an exemplary level of dedication to every client she sees. Nandhini’s primary aim with patient is to optimise their musculoskeletal function for immediate and long-standing results of all ages and fitness levels. She specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, with an emphasis on hands-on treatment and exercise therapy. Motor vehicle accident related pain, tendinitis and sport injuries. She treats a wide range of problems in all age groups and activity levels.

Kamia Munjal

Registered Physiotherapistr

With 10+ years of experience in Physiotherapy I received my Bachelor’s Degree in India. In 2012 I moved to Canada were I continued to use my knowledge and experience and worked at Physiotherapy Clinics.

I am well experienced in musculoskeletal injuries, Post – Surgical cases and Sports Injuries. I have treated a vast majority of different age groups with success. I am fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi. With a strong belief in  a “hands on” approach with my treatments and a personalized exercise program allows me to achieve a successful out come in the patients recovery process.