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SK Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic (SKP) is Cambridge’s most successful Physiotherapy Clinic in Waterloo Region, ON. SK Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is the recent started Cambridge Physiotherapy's leading multidisciplinary clinic providing services to the Cambridge community.


We are pleased to announce that our clinic is open to all Patients with all safety measures by Ministry of Health.

We have prepared our office to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our patients. Ensuring extra disinfecting of all surfaces with a sanitation station available. We will also only be booking one (1) patient every thirty (30) minutes and one on one by our experienced therapists with all safety measures by Ministry of Health.

We will be screening every patient over the phone to ensure the safety of all staff as well as our patients. To make an appointment you may:

1) Call at 519-620-7000, please leave a detailed message if we miss you.
2) Email us at
3) Request an appointment through our website

SK Physiotherapy strives to provide the best physiotherapy services in Cambridge Ontario region by participating in ongoing continuing education and training to enhance the professional skills of all our physiotherapists and allied professions.
At SK Physiotherapy we take a unique approach to physiotherapy treatment. We are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care, advice and treatment in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. When you’re in pain and facing the distress and inconvenience that accompanies it, you require reliable solutions. Whether your injury originates from sporting activities, gardening, the office or just wear and tear, at SK Physiotherapy Clinic our friendly and professional approach aims to help you return to full function and remain there. Please contact us to find out if we can help you with your problem.

Our Services


Physiotherapy Treatments

If you’ve ever suffered an injury that has limited your mobility, you know all too well the pain of not being able to move to your full capacity. At SK Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we offer a holistic approach to helping you repair or boost the ...


These are electrical modalities that are used to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and to promote healing that includes Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Laser Therapy, ...

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy focuses primarily on muscle manipulation, aimed at restoring muscles to optimal length, strength and balance. It is a physical treatment which involves the use of pressure, movement, and vibration on the body to relieve tension ...

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is an important component of the physiotherapy treatment management plan. It is used in all the stages of injury to improve Mobility, Stability of the injured area and improve the rate of recovery and prevent compensatory stress ...

Work Hardening Program

A Work Hardening Program is designed for a patient who is off work, in preparation for a return to work. The program includes a combination of Physiotherapy treatment, as well as Kinesiology Rehabilitation. The session consists of cardio, strength, ...

Motor Vehicle Injuries (MVA)

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident we can electronically bill your auto insurance directly. For your insurance claim to be approved, your Auto insurance will require an accident benefit package be filled out and sent to them for consideration ...

Workplace Injuries (WSIB)

We also accept WSIB claims as long as you have a valid and approved claim number. The claim number is provided by your employer/workplace and services can be directly billed to WSIB on your behalf. We will also require ...

Common Injuries

These are electrical modalities that are used to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and to promote healing that includes Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Laser Therapy, ...

Sports Injuries

These are electrical modalities that are used to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and to promote healing that includes Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Laser Therapy, ...

Getting Well

These are electrical modalities that are used to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and to promote healing that includes Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Laser Therapy, ...

Staying Well

These are electrical modalities that are used to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and to promote healing that includes Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Laser Therapy, ...


I have been receiving treatment here since shortly after they opened. The staff is amazing and the treatments have helped me greatly. I would encourage anyone to visit them.

Json MacLennan

Very helpful and very professional. Always putting the patient and their best interest first.

Jordan Jakson

Simply the best! The staff are knowledgeable, professional and courteous. My back pain was treated and I was able to return to work and all my previous activities sooner then expected.

Anthony Best

I came to this clinic with severe lower back and side pain that I had for several years. The physiotherapist (Nandhini) was very caring and took the time to listen to me. She was very patience and knowledgable. After 3 sessions I was feeling so much better. My experience has been very positive at SK Physiotherapy. The office manager is very friendly and kind and helped me with all my insurance needs. I am on the road to recovery and very thankful that this is the clinic that has helped me along the way.

Duarte Frias

Highly recommended!! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and Nandhini is Amazing!! I have heard a lot of people say Physio doesn't work but I am definitely better from my injury because of this group. 5 stars all the way 🙂

Nina k

I had an intense pain in my right shoulder and neck . SK PHYSIOTHERAPY helped me get better .The team is amazing !!!!! they are very professional ,knowledgeable , very kind and nice .I also experience massage in the office and she was excellent . They studied my case and found the right treatment to resolve it .Im very grateful and happy that i don't suffer that intense neck and shoulder pain anymore . Thank You SK PHYSIOTHERAPY you guys are AWESOME!!

Veronica Videla

In December of 2015 I was diagnosed with a Lumbar Disc Herniation of my L4-L5 with an impingement on my S1 nerve root. Needless to say I was in severe pain and discomfort and knew I needed to perform some kind of rehabilitation. i received a brochure in the mail from SK Physiotherapy and decided to give it a try, since I knew I had nothing to lose. I couldn't have made a better decision! The receptionist made me feel welcome from day one and truly cared about my well being, my Physiotherapist (Nandhini) is truly amazing! I walked in there on December 23rd with severe sciatic pain and with only 6 visits I have minimal sciatic pain and can function 75% better throughout the day. Suffering from back issues for the past 7 years I have been in and out of a lot of Physiotherapy Clinics and none of them have been as effective as SK Physiotherapy. Nandhini's approach is hands on and finding the solution to the root of the problem. I owe a lot to her and I can finally start to enjoy my life again!

Lino Fioretti

Best physiotherapist I've ever been too. I had persistent shoulder pain which none of the three previous physiotherapist s I've seen have been able to fix. The differnce in my shoulder since I have been seeing Nandhini is amazing. I didn't realize how much my shoulder was affecting my neck and causing headaches as well. Thought I was coming for my shoulder but she ended it helping me with so much more. I feel so much better now and highly recommend coming here. Staff very friendly, clean location, lots of easy parking and great hours,

Heather Ellerby

Over the years, I have been driving a lot and spend long hours in front of computers leading to neck trauma and musculoskeletal signs. I was advised to consult a physio for alleviating my symptoms and get relief. Had visited SK Physiotherapy and I am under the care of my Physio Nandhini... The clinic is ideally located on Hespler Road in the heart of Cambridge and I love the ample parking space just in front of the clinic. Been visiting her for about 3 weeks now and find the 'maintenance' visits made my neck and shoulder feel specially relaxed and flexible... Overall the service of SK Physiotherapy is commendable... And Nandhini is kind, sociable, confident in her abilities and highly competent. I would recommend her to my friends..

Senthil Kannan

The SK Physio Team is nothing short of professional and courteous! The friendly and personalized attention begins as soon as you enter the facility and continues until the end of your treatment. The team pays close attention to detail and make you feel like you are the only one in the office. There is never a feeling of being rushed. They truly take their time to make you feel like family.

Titi MacLennan

I have been using their physiotherapy services for about 3 months. I have seen a lot of improvement in my healing. I found the staff to be very professional and friendly. They do direct billing which is great and it saves me the hassle of submitting claims. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking great treatment options.

Stephen Morgan


Dale Elliott

SK Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is the best clinic I have ever been too. The physiotherapist (Nandhini) is extremely knowledgeable and actually helps you to recover. The receptionist is very friendly and welcoming. The clinic itself is maintained and in an easy location. I recommend this clinic to anyone who is in pain and needs great service.

Jessica Frias

Why would you go anywhere else! This place is well staffed, well credentialed, well positioned in the Cambridge city, and easy to get to. I have been more than happy for over 2 weeks with the results of great physio therapy and the available Kinesiology service, never too hard to get an appointment. The location is handy and I have, and will, continue to go back there.

Arrun khumar

Awesome experience and service. They really care about getting you results, ensuring that you have a positive and relaxing experience, and they maximize all of your coverage so you get the most out of your visits with them! I love the holistic approach they use for physio, Nandhini is very observant and does a great job at customizing my treatments for the problems I've had, and everyone working there is so friendly!

Nicole Copp

I started going to SK after I saw the sign out front advising that they bill direct to insurance. I was originally looking to book for massage therapy. Upon calling, I was greeted by an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable woman who spent time with me discussing my reasons for wanting to see a massage therapist and after some discussion suggested that I would benefit more from a physio treatment than strictly massage. The team at SK physio has taken wonderful care of me and has addressed every concern I had. They are an absolute delight to deal with and even encouraged me to bring my daughter when I was unsure I would have childcare for the appointment. They are understanding and accommodating when life happens and you need to reschedule appointments. I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and knowledge. I would highly recommend them.

Kayla Lehmann

So impressed with SK Physiotherapy! I have suffered with chronic lower back pain for over 7 years, had an MRI - which came back negative. The advice from the specialist was simply to "work on your core" and that was it. I thought that I was destined to live with the pain and the floppy foot that accompanied it for the rest of my natural. By chance I mentioned this to Nandhini while I was at the clinic to pick up a colleague, she suggested that I book an appointment for an evaluation, which I did. I cannot believe that after just the first visit the pain had begun to diminish and by the end of the fifth visit I was completely pain-free and able to finish a 10km walk with no recurrence. I don't want to say a miracle worker but she and her staff did such a fantastic job on me in such a short time that it certainly feels like one! Kudos to Nandhini and all at the clinic for a job well done. 6 stars out of 5 if possible and a recommendation to all who have given up on being pain-free - give them a chance, you won't regret it.

Paul Hodgson

This place is amazing!!! The physiotherapist is the best! I've been seeing her for over 2 years now and I won't go to anyone else. She's helped me with my shoulder and knee and everytime I leave feeling much better! They are also very accommodating. Some days when I would get hurt playing hockey and didn't have an appointment I would call in and they would organize something to be able to see me, whether that was the physiotherapist staying late or working through her break. It's very evident to see that she truely cares about her job and her clients well-being. All the staff at this place are amazing and super friendly! The receptionist is awesome, very personable and always gives you a reminder call the day before your appointment. You guys are amazing!!! Keep it up!!!

Andrew Neuwald

I have been going for physio here for a while now. My entire team here is amazing. They have done a great job helping me in my recovery. Each team member specializes in a wide range of treatments and they are very knowledgable. Both the massage therapist and my physio therapist have taken great care of me to help me maintain comfortable living. I don't know what I would do without them. The receptionist is so friendly too and works hard to try and arrange all my appointments so they can be the best possible around a busy schedule. They all work hard to be the best team possible! Thanks so much!!!!

Jay Georgei

This must be one of the best Physiotherapy clinics in Cambridge for your injury's treatment. I have received a superior care here, starting with the lovely lady at the desk, helping to schedule all my necessary appointments, making sure all fit my hectic calendar, and ending with my fantastic healer- powered therapist Nandhini. Without her, I probably would have had to put my life on hold, but thankfully I have found this place and am on my way to full (and speedy) recovery. Highly recommended.

Lata Khanal

sk physio therapy, healed my knee injury faster than I could have ever imagined. great staff and techniques to help you get on your feet asap. as a young person they really helped me and gave me tips on how to prevent further injuries. great place.

Caroline Valadao

I've been going to SK now for a while. The Team here is very professional and treat you like family from the time you enter the door. Nandhini works wonders and was able to ease my pain. I would highly recommend you using SK !!

Charity Ciampini

I have been going to SK Physiotherapy for a while now. This clinic is truly wonderful, the staff is not just nice and professional, they really care about making your injury heal faster and managing the pain. The Physiotherapist is fantastic, the absolute best that I've ever had. She worked on my pain first and then worked with the stretching and strengthening. This place will help your every need! and these people will make you better as long as you follow their advise and listen to them you will be healed far faster than you think.

Felisha Bocas

A friend recommended SK Physiotherapy Cambridge after having severe back pain, troubling me for the last few months. I was treated by Nandhini Physiotherapist. She is a fantastic physiotherapist. She helped me to get back to my job soon. After her through assessment, she started working on treating the injury and then getting me into core strength training. Nandhini was able to explain exactly what was going on. She has a positive spirit and is focused on client care and efficient recovery. I would recommend SK Physiotherapy to all Cambridge residents. They really did provide first-class treatment!

Earl Francis Dacara

I have been going to SK for about 6 weeks now and although my injury isn't healed, it's in the best shape its been in for quite a while. I have full range of motion in only a few visits and I'm confident I'll make a full recovery all thanks to SK. No one has made progress like they have for me. I'm truly grateful I can sleep again. I would most certainly recommend them to anyone who needs it. 5 Stars

King Banryu


Direct Billing

Direct Billing to insurance companies is a convenient fast way to have services billed directly to your insurance carrier.

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Health Insurance

When Extended Health Insurance does not allow direct billing we help to prepare documentations for reimbursement.

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For those do not have insurance coverage and pay for services, we accept the following forms of payment ...

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